BLACKPINK Halloween costumes inspired by the “Ice Cream” music video

Since its debut in August 2016, BLACKPINK has served fierce fashion with contagious bops. The South Korean girl group is made up of four members – Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa – all of whom have more flair in their left toes than most people hope to have in their lifetime. For every amazing song that BLACKPINK women release, they shoot a random music video. Living up to their ferocity is a tough act, but these seven BLACKPINK “Ice Cream” music video costumes will help you do it.

Halloween is a great time to channel your favorite celebrities, and “Ice Cream” is full of epic costume ideas. Not only did the August 2020 song ask Selena Gomez to join her as a collaborator, the song was unlike anything BLINKS had heard from the band before. Plus, the video was a colorful, pastel dream, and there were countless fashion looks in the three-minute clip. If you want to turn heads this Halloween, you’re in luck. These costumes from the “Ice Cream” video will have all their eyes on you.

The look of Selena Gomez’s ice cream truck


The “Ice Cream” clip opens with a fierce AF look of Gomez. As she drove her ice cream truck, she flipped her hair up and gave the camera a big smile. Her outfit was as funky as the song itself, and Sel killed off in a nautical-inspired outfit. You can look ready to take to the high seas, just like Gomez with your own take on his outfit. This Walmart sailor hat is an essential part of your look.

Next, you’re going to want to invest in a striped two-piece set. SHEIN’s is surprisingly similar to Gomez’s.

Lisa’s mint green hair


Lisa has BLINKS seeing green with her hairstyle in the “Ice Cream” video. You can recreate her colorful look by picking up a green bob wig.

She also featured number 24 in the video, so you’ll want to get yourself a jersey or tee shirt with her number on it. This one is red and white, just like his!

Pin-Up Girl Selena


Gomez served up some serious nostalgia with a pinup-inspired look, and it’s easy to recreate at home. While the exact Gingham romper she wore is sold out, SHEIN has a similar one at a fraction of the price.

A bold lip is a requirement for this look, as is a bandana for your hair. Gomez was wearing a bruise in this case.

Butterfly clips inspired by the year 2000 of Rosé


Rosé’s look in the “Ice Cream” video was the ultimate comeback. She sported lavender-tinted hair, which she pulled into a braid. The best part? The hair accessories she included. The singer filled her braid with clips of colorful butterflies, and it was quite a vibe.

You can recreate Rosé’s Y2K inspired look with these butterfly clips from Amazon.

Complete the look by giving your hair some lilac love. This violet lacquer from L’Oréal will do the trick (without damage).

BLACKPINK “Ice Cream” Group Costume


All of the individual looks in “Ice Cream” were top notch, but there was one scene where all of the BLACKPINK ladies came together to dance and sport all-white outfits. Each member of the group wore a simple white tennis skirt, like Boohoo’s.

The ladies also wore white crop tops. They were all similar, but not the same, so you and your team can have fun changing them up.

Selena’s sporty look


Gomez had so many outfit changes throughout the “Ice Cream” video, but mostly she killed her Puma bodysuit. Salt rocked a simple black unitard and a green visor in one scene. You can purchase the exact unit below.

As a Puma brand ambassador, it’s no surprise to see Sel represent the brand from head to toe. She also wore these Puma sneakers, below.

Just don a green visor and you are ready to relax.

Jenni’s Cotton Candy Top


There are no words to describe how iconic Jenni was in the “Ice Cream” video. She transformed into a cotton candy princess with an organza top, which featured blue, pink and purple petals all over it. The shirt definitely gives a dramatic look, and if you’re ready to put yourself in Jenni’s shoes, you can purchase the exact top here.

Jenni paired her look with cherry earrings. You can pick up a similar pair of Forever 21.

BLACKPINK has a unique style of its own. But since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, they’re going to love BLINKS Halloween costumes this year.

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