Best day to get back to your dating apps in 2020

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The Christmas season is almost over (* screams *) and with the New Year looming you are probably starting to think about what you want to accomplish in 2020. If go out together is one of your goals, so give yourself the best chance of success by starting all your alumni dating apps the best day for dating in the new year.

According to the dating app Zoosk, January 5th is the best day to resume your online dating game in 2020. Being the first Sunday in January, the day has been named “Dating Sunday” and is expected to be the busiest day of 2020 for dating apps .

So now January 5th is well marked on your calendar, what is the best time of day to log on? Zoosk says 9:30 p.m. sees an increase in dating app activity, so make sure you’ve cleared your diary in the evening.

While Sundays are traditionally busier for dating apps, there is some logic as to why so many people start using their apps again on the first Sunday in January. Zoosk Marketing Director Luciana Telles explains why this time of year is particularly popular.

“Sunday dates fall during a time when singles are highly motivated to search for connections online. It’s the first weekend after New Years Eve, which means people aren’t just hanging out. set New Year’s resolutions, they had a few days to think about how to put them into practice, ”says Luciana.

“Plus, there’s about six weeks left until Valentine’s Day, which means singles who trigger something on January 5 have plenty of time to set a date for February 14,” she adds.

Best day to use dating apps in 2020

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Luciana continues, “Singles should also remember that while Dating Sunday is traditionally the busiest day in Zoosk, member activity tends to stay higher than average until Valentine’s Day.” , which means any day in January is still prime time on that day.

So if you are hoping to get ready for Valentine’s Day 2020, or if you just feel like starting the new decade with some fun dates, you’d better start updating your profiles now. Need help? Follow Tinder’s Top 30 Singles Tips.

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