Batwoman Star reveals Kate Kane’s new Red Hood-style costume

Batwoman star Wallis Day poses with co-star Rachel Skarsten in photos showcasing Kate Kane’s tweaked bat costume ahead of the Season 2 finale.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Batwoman Season 2, Episode 17, “Kane, Kate,” which aired Sunday on The CW.

Batwoman Wallis Day star posed with her co-star Rachel Skarsten (who plays Alice) in photos showcasing Kate Kane’s tweaked bat costume.

The images were uploaded to Day’s verified Twitter account with a caption that read ‘Beat the bag’. Although this is the same armor that Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane wore in Season 1, the Bat logo on the costume’s chest plate now has a prominent slash.

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It was Day’s Kate Kane who reworked and scratched the costume at the end of Batwoman The penultimate episode of season 2, “Kane, Kate”. The episode began with Kate seemingly returning to her old routine, much to the relief of the Bat-Team – except for Ryan, who had mixed feelings about Kate returning to the fold. However, it gradually emerged that Kate was pretending to be back to normal and secretly giving information to Black Mask, having decided to continue working with him even though he had kidnapped her and brainwashed her into him. making believe that she was his daughter Circe.

Kate will don her new costume in the Season 2 finale, completing her transformation into Batwomanis the equivalent of the vigilante Red Hood. In the DC Comics Universe, former Robin Jason Todd was killed by the Joker before being resurrected and taking on the Red Hood Cloak, using it as a cover to kill criminals. Likewise, Kate was figuratively murdered and revived by Black Mask, who wanted revenge for her daughter’s unjust death, blaming Kate.

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Ryan and Kate won’t be the only ones getting dressed BatwomanSeason 2 finale. The episode will also see Luke wearing his Batwing costume for the first time, having nearly died after being shot by former Crows agent Russell Tavaroff. His superhero outfit will reflect Luke’s bond to his father Lucius, whom he imagined seeing as he lingered in the space between life and death. As a result, Arrowverse costume designer Maya Mani said the Batwing costume is “a bit of a fantasy and based on a young boy’s dream fantasy.”

Batwoman stars Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder, Rachel Skarsten as Alice, Meagan Tandy as Sophie Moore, Camrus Johnson as Luke Fox, Dougray Scott as Jacob Kane, Nicole Kang as Mary Hamilton-Kane and Wallis Day as Kate Kane. New episodes air Sundays at 8 p.m. ET / PT on The CW.

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