Battlefords Agricultural Society launches community garden project

Ritchie said as operations were slower during the pandemic, the agricultural society decided to put its energies into this project to develop its own community garden.

“We had been thinking about it for a while,” she said. “We had an area on our land that used to be our horseshoe pits which haven’t been used for a number of years… So that’s the area we started using.”

With more and more people living close to home these days, it seemed like a good idea to give them the opportunity to try their hand at growing their own fresh vegetables.

“We just felt a lot of people didn’t have the space and would love to have a garden,” Ritchie said. “Since we have all the space here, we thought it would be good for our community, to provide a place where people can come and have their garden.”

The GM added that with the high prices for fresh produce in stores today, it would be ideal for more people to have a small garden where they can grow their own vegetables and save money at the same time.

“They can come and go as they please, get it planted and hopefully have a nice harvest for the end of the year,” she said.

To prepare for the project, the organizers set aside land, added lots of soil and finished plowing the space to create the garden.

“Last year we planted a test site just to make sure everything would grow,” Ritchie said.

They planted corn, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, squash and basically a variety of all kinds of produce.

“Everything we planted grew very well and produced well. So this year we’re good to go,” Ritchie said.

The Battlefords Agricultural Society expects everything to be ready for people to start planting from the May long weekend.

People are encouraged to purchase a plot for the year so that they can devote time to cultivating their own garden, whenever they have the time.

“It will be branded as yours,” Ritchie said. “We provide water. Your gardening tools and everything you need to bring with you.

A total of approximately 40 plots will be available for the next growing season. Some lights are also added in the area.

“If it works well and we fill it up, we plan to expand it and make it bigger for years to come,” Ritchie said.

People can inquire about obtaining one of the community garden plots by contacting the Battlefords Agricultural Society.

[email protected]

On Twitter: @battlefordsnow

Lana T. Arthur