Batman’s new cowboy costume has a secret fans will love

DC’s Batman / Superman # 19 takes the Dark Knight to the Old West, where he gets a new costume. Even though he’s a cowboy, he still follows his rules.

Warning: Contains major spoilers for Batman / Superman # 19!

Batman has returned to the Wild West, but her outfit isn’t complete – and fans will love the reason why it isn’t. Batman / Superman # 19 takes the titular heroes to new worlds where they recruit new allies to join the fight against Still, the Dark Knight isn’t fully equipped for the showdown – he’s missing a six-hit.

The battle of Superman and Batman against – director of the Archive of Worlds – began in Batman / Superman # 16. Since then, there have been two versions of Batman, Superman and Lex Luthor, as well as several realities rivaling the limelight. Fans have seen the Knight’s World and the World of Tomorrow before, but iconic DC heroes travel to other realities in the latest issue: Planet Rann and the Desert of Doom. While Batman is generally prepared for threats and can adapt to new challenges, he does stand out in the Desert of Doom.

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Created by Gene Luen Yang, Emanuela Lupacchino, Kyle Hotz, Darick Robertson and Steve Lieber, Batman / Superman # 19 gives Batman the opportunity to review his no-gun rule. It’s a rule that has stuck with the character since his early comedic days. Although Batman has broken the rule a few times, he generally complies with it well. This adventure is no exception. Even though he has the perfect excuse to have one and sees one of the best demonstrations of a gun’s effectiveness he could possibly have, he still refuses to carry or use a gun. El Diablo, on the other hand, fits the Western mold perfectly with its Zorro-Esque outfit and two pistols.

While battling the minions of, El Diablo – a long forgotten hero – takes action. It easily takes out three enemies in quick succession in a very impressive display. Even Robin is impressed enough to ask Batman if the no-gun rule should still apply. The capped crusader definitely replies “I’m sure” and the conversation ends there, no further questions are asked. El Diablo definitely looks like a Spanish hero from the Wild West, cradling a cordobé sombrero – otherwise known as a Cordovan hat – like Zorro. Her outfit comes with a domino mask, a Spanish cape and a pair of belts, including a shoulder strap.

Batman also looks the part without losing most of his signature look. He still has his hood on, although the upper part of the ear has been replaced with a cowboy hat. Unsurprisingly, the brim of Batman’s hat sticks out either side, although the placement gives him more of a Wolverine figure head than a Batman head. He also has a bat belt buckle, bandana, and the bat symbol on his chest is still visible. The only thing missing is the iconic weaponry, which he refuses to use. Even if they were somehow included in his outfit, he still wouldn’t remove them from the holsters except to potentially throw them aside – provided no one else could grab and use them. against him.

No matter how much Batman’s style changes to match the reality he finds himself in, he will always refuse to use six-shotguns, no matter how much of a fashion faux pas. This keeps him true to his story, his character and fans will certainly appreciate that he doesn’t compromise this important aspect in favor of completing a set or mirroring another hero. Batman sticks to his proverbial weapons rather than real ones, proving that in most worlds he will follow his own rules, even if that means his cowboy character ends up being a bit incomplete.

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