Bahrain’s agricultural sector must follow sustainable methods: Minister | THE DAILY TRIBUNE

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The Daily Tribune –

The need to adopt sustainable farming methods was highlighted yesterday by the Minister of Public Works, Municipal Affairs and Town Planning, Essam Khalaf. It came as the minister visited Island’s Farm yesterday with Under Secretary for Agriculture and Marine Resources Hassan Al Hawaj, Sheikh Rashid bin Khalifa bin Ali Al Khalifa and a number of ministry officials.

The minister affirmed that the ministry, represented by the Agriculture and Marine Resources Agency, supports the adoption of sustainable farming methods to address environmental concerns and achieve sustainable development. Minister Khalaf said: “The Agriculture and Marine Resources Agency is working to encourage food production projects that adopt systems that conserve natural resources by adopting modern farming systems such as zero-storage farming. soil, and also works to encourage the use of renewable energy sources such as solar power in the operation of these systems to reduce emissions of climate pollutants.

The Minister and the accompanying delegation listened to an explanation of the progress of the production process in the farm and the development plans implemented by the company to strengthen its contribution to supplying the market with local products from vegetables and milk derivatives. Minister Khalaf hailed the project, which supports official efforts to achieve self-sufficiency in vegetables and dairy products. He also commended the efforts of the officials of this distinguished company from Bahrain in introducing solar energy in the project.


He stressed that the ministry will spare no effort to support efforts to introduce solar energy in agricultural production processes in farms, a step that will achieve a saving rate on the electricity bill. regular electricity consumption, which will have a positive impact on the agricultural sector apart from supporting Bahraini farmers. Mr. Al Hawaj confirmed that the Agency is making progress in taking steps to implement Her Majesty’s directives to boost agricultural production.

“As a result, the implementation of the National Food Security Strategy was initiated through four main pillars, namely the development of national capacities in the field of agro-food industries, and the work on the construction of an infrastructure capable of simulate future goals in the field of food security, achieve self-sufficiency and provide incentives and facilities to encourage the private sector to invest in the field of food security as a key partner in this strategy.

Mr. Al Hawaj stressed that initiatives to introduce modern agricultural systems and diversify the local product are at the forefront of the Agency’s initiatives in pursuit of achieving sustainable food security for Bahrain.

“Supporting the entry of the private sector into agricultural projects in Bahrain is an added value and an important focus in efforts to advance agriculture in the Kingdom, based on the directives and continuous monitoring of the Minister of Public Works , Municipalities and Urban Planning. Planning.” He pointed out that the agency continues to develop initiatives and programs aimed at promoting this sector and maximizing its contribution to Bahrain’s food security strategy.

Lana T. Arthur