Attack On Titan: The 9 Titans, Ranked By Design

Ymir the Founder obtains the Power of the Titans by accident and forever changes the course of history. It absorbs the shiny centipede about 18 centuries before The attack of the Titansthe current timeline of, and his children carry on the legacy by consuming his body (thus inheriting from the founding Titan).

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As a result, eight of the nine Titans – the Titans Attack, Colossus, Jaw, Armored, War Hammer, Female, Beast, and Cart – emerge, unleashing a series of devastating wars between the Eldian people and their enemies. Each of the Nine Titans is unique in design and ability, although their forms differ depending on the time period and the nature of the person wielding them.

9 Attack Titan’s physical prowess paled before its future perceptual abilities

The Attack Titan apparently mimics the physical traits of his heirs, with the version of Grisha sporting a beard and a thick coat of chest hair, while both Erens (Kruger and Jaeger) get too muscular.

Additionally, Attack on Titan has the largest abs set among the Nine, a reference to its overwhelming physical strength and durability. He’s around 50 feet tall, which isn’t that impressive. However, the true powers of the Attack Titan have nothing to do with its anatomy.

8 The Titan Cart carries people, goods and four-legged weapons

The only Cart Titan shown in the series (except for the final battle) belongs to Pieck Finger. It’s relatively short – 13 feet tall at the withers, but that’s because it’s designed to carry cargo. The cart walks, trots and gallops on all fours and has more speed and endurance than the others.

Unfortunately, it suffers from a major drawback. It takes much longer to recover from serious injuries. Pieck’s Cart Titan more than makes up for its shortcomings by carrying huge cannons and turrets for use in combat.

7 The Beast Titan intimidates almost everyone with its size

The Beast Titan is around 56 feet tall, but its main feature is its disproportionate bulk. Zeke transforms into a gigantic, hairy ape-like being with lean arms, but the former heirs may have manifested other animals, from birds and wolves to rabbits and crocodiles (Tom Ksaver’s one looks like a bighorn sheep). America).

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The Beast Titan intimidates almost everyone with its size, let alone half the screen / panel every time it appears. That said, it poses no threat to the force of nature known as Levi Ackerman.

6 The Female Titan can absorb the abilities of the other eight

Annie’s female Titan looks considerably more human than the rest of the Nine, explaining the reasoning behind her name. At 46 feet tall, he’s not exactly towering, but Annie’s ferocity and sacrificial nature make him a serious threat.

Interestingly, the Female Titan can eat the flesh of her comrades’ bodies and gain their abilities, most notable of which is the hardening technique that Annie uses to envelop herself in an indestructible crystal.

5 The Armored Titan is as invulnerable as it is inflexible

The 15-meter-high armored Titan is covered with layers of shatterproof flesh-colored armor, protecting it from most types of direct impact. In fact, he’s invulnerable by most standards, allowing him to break through walls and take destructive attacks head on.

Reiner’s armored Titan is able to tolerate Bertholdt’s conversion to the Colossal Titan, although the latter gives off extreme amounts of heat in the process. In contrast, the Armored Titan suffers from a lack of flexibility and agility, but he can technically sacrifice his armor to temporarily improve his mobility.

4 The Jawbone Titan can destroy anything in its teeth (and can fly too)

The Titan Jaw is first seen in Ymir (from Marley’s) possession, but most people think of her as an ordinary Titan until much later in the story. Aside from strength and agility, this entity possesses a set of jaws with untold bite force, enough to destroy the Titan Crystal without much effort.

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Marcel Galliard’s jaw wears a white mask over his face, while Falco flaunts a smaller version around his chin and mouth. Nonetheless, Falco’s ultimate form as an Avian Titan Jaw is nothing short of stunning, given that he doesn’t lose any of his previous skills while gaining the ability to fly.

3 The vapor of the Colossus Titan is as dangerous as its strength

The Colossus Titan stands almost 200 feet tall, making it the second tallest of the Nine Titans and the fourth in the entire series (after the founding Titans of Eren & Ymir and the Pure Titan of Rod Reiss). In addition to his explosive transformation, he is overpowered in every way imaginable.

Due to his mass and strength, the Colossus’s freedom of movement is severely restricted, forcing him to move at an icy pace. Slow as it is, it is still terribly dangerous to face the Colossus as it generates clouds of searing vapor as a defense mechanism. As long as the wearer doesn’t exaggerate, as Bertholdt does, the Steam Shield is impregnable.

2 Founding Titan eclipses all other Titans by a mile

Originally, the Founding Titan was endowed with a vast array of powers that were not available to his minions. For example, it can modify the physiology of the Eldian race, even alter their memories at the neurological level. Ymir’s Founding Titan is ridiculously oversized, but the final shape is several times the size.

Eren transforms into a tangle of skeletal spines that end up looking like a gutted fish, except with a slightly modified Attack Titan head hanging from the spine. More importantly, Eren’s founding Titan eclipses the Colossus Titans he sends to destroy the world.

1 The War Hammer Titan is radically different from its counterparts

Although of the same height as the Attack and Armored Titans, the War Hammer Titan is radically different from its counterparts. Her skin is pure white, with ringed patterns of flesh around the nape of the neck and collarbone. Parts of his head are lined with a series of narrow openings, a prison bar design that partially exposes the warhammer’s eyes, mouth, and throat.

Lara Tybur’s Warhammer wields a powerful Warhammer while fighting Eren, but later scenes revealed that he can use other weapons, like knouts, bows, axes, sickles, and more. The defining characteristic of this Titan is its ability to function independently of its user, although connected via a thick cable extending from the left foot of the Warhammer.

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