Artist makes realistic felt sculptures embroidered with familiar products

Textiles offer one of the most versatile means of artistic expression. Thanks to their ease of handling, the creative possibilities are seemingly endless. Polish textile artist Alicja Kozlowska channels this versatility and makes realistic felt sculptures embroidered with familiar products and everyday objects. Starting with a felt pattern as a base, she then uses her needle as a brush, painting with thread in order to capture the intricate details and shadows that give her Pop Art inspired sculptures their realistic look.

“As a child, my grandmother taught me to sew and crochet,” Kozlowska tells My Modern Met. “It was from her that I learned the basic and popular techniques. Since then, I have traveled extensively and have had the opportunity to see the work of masters of this art form from all over the world. Over time, as I trained more and more, I developed my own style.

The talented artist embroiders both by hand and using a sewing machine with an open-toe embroidery foot. The use of the machine allows him to use a variety of stitches. Basing her designs on mass-produced products with interesting shapes and recognizable logos, she uses her artwork as a way to articulate her own ideas and feelings about the pervasive consumerism plaguing our planet.

“For me, painting while sewing is the format to respond to this deeply negative and culturally constructed indifference,” Kozlowska explains. “By creating colorful and eye-catching Pop Art works, I try to draw the viewer’s attention to our surroundings. I show how and how quickly we are inundated with consumerism, which is artificial in form and material. I try to influence the consciousness because it is the awareness of ecological destruction that is the most important step in the struggle for our future and the future of our planet. I try to create a sense of shared ecological responsibility and believe that it is us, not governments or big companies, who will change our ways. It is we who must feel the need to change and, through our choices, lead the global industry. “

To learn more about Alicja Kozlowska’s incredible work, visit the artist’s website website or follow her on Instagram.

Polish textile artist Alicja Kozlowska creates realistic felt sculptures embroidered with familiar everyday objects.

Embroidered felt Haribo gummy bearEmbroidered felt cheetosMcDonald's Felt and Embroidery FriesBox of Pringles in felt and embroidery

Kozlowska uses her art to comment on consumerism and respond to her “deeply negative and culturally constructed indifference”.

M & M's felt and embroideryRed Bull felt and embroideryFelt and Embroidery KitKat WrapperEmbroidered felt fantaFelt and banana peel embroideryEmbroidered Felt Potato ChipsTesco embroidered felt bagCampbell's Embroidered Felt Soup Pot

Some of them look so real that they can almost be mistaken for reality.

Alicja Kozlowska embroidered felt sculpturesAlicja Kozlowska embroidered felt sculpturesAlicja Kozlowska embroidered felt sculpturesAlicja Kozlowska embroidered felt sculptures

Alicja Kozlowska: Website | Instagram

My Modern Met has granted permission to present photos of Alicja Kozlowska.

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