Angela Hoxsey, House in Order: Organizing Your Arts & Crafts Supplies | House and garden

I don’t believe that arts and crafts can be inspired or enjoyable in the midst of a dysfunctional life, even though history shows me that I’m wrong on this point, example after example. My defense: Genius artists can and often do works in poor, dirty and chaotic environments. This column is aimed at the American lover of garden varieties. In other words, if you get eight hours of sleep a night, find the time to watch reruns of “Saving Grace”, and never miss a meal, you’ll have a much easier time crafting in a tidy house.

With your house in order and some surfaces (the trusty dining room table) cleared for work, start looking at your supplies. What hobbies have you never had? Which one, seeing the supplies, attracts you and still turns you on? Combine “as with as”: hooks, threads, pens, colored pencils, tablets, paintbrushes, tile pliers, etc.

For crafts you don’t feel like doing, donate the supplies to a school or art studio like Nimbus in St Helena (of course, call or email to see if they’d like supplies). For the craft supplies that still interest you, what kind of containers do you need?

For crafts, I like containers to be as light and mobile as possible unless you have a specific room or studio for your business. Shelves and cabinets on casters, nestable containers or tool boxes with handles, lightweight plastic bins are all good choices.

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