An immersion in the agricultural sector

Agricultural production is an ancient industry which, to meet growing food demand, depletes natural resources. This forces today’s society to think about new ways of producing food. But how to produce food without damaging the planet?

Given the evident fragilities of agri-food systems, research aims to study, understand and find new ways in which food comes from sustainable production sources. These sources are already perceived by the industry and everything indicates that they will become an excellent solution to the problems of the agricultural sector.

It is possible to feed ourselves without damaging the planet, producing on the basis of science, technology and knowledge, taking care of the environment and empowering farmers and producers, among others.

In Colombia, companies like Sáenz Fety, providers of resources, knowledge and technologies to increase productivity sufficiently and sustainably, are at the forefront. Saenz Fety is also the initiator of Proyecto Ahora, or Project Now, which shines a light on controlled environment agriculture in Colombia and strengthens the position of the agricultural sector by reaching out to other influential people.

Saenz Fety truly believes that in response to the challenges facing the world today, a new generation of producers is rising, a generation capable of migrating from traditional methods to professional agriculture in Colombia.

By launching Proyecto Ahora or Project Now, Saenz Fety wants to change the course of the conversation about agriculture in Colombia and, ultimately, the world. In order to build a better sector, we should look at it in a different way:

  • Agriculture as a modern, profitable and promising sector.
  • Agriculture as a driver of economic development, peace and prosperity in the region.
  • Agriculture as a sector where public entities, private companies and knowledge institutes meet and work together.

“At the next edition of Agrofuturo 2022 (October 26-28 in Bogota), we will share our experience and knowledge by immersing visitors in a 360° experience of modern agriculture. Here we want to show that valuable links will make our sector more profitable, more productive and more sustainable.Now more than ever, it is necessary to understand the concept of responsible production and consumption, thus promoting the care of our current generation and preserving the earth for the future generations.

“In addition to the negative effects that the pandemic has brought, global agri-food systems are affected by the war in Ukraine, which has generated increases in agricultural input prices and inflated food prices. Colombia is no stranger to this situation. , which is aggravated by the increase in domestic food demand, which is why we support projects such as “Ahora”, which showcases Dutch technology and know-how so that Colombia can realize its potential as a as an agricultural producer and contribute to maintaining and improving global food security,” says Ernst Noorman, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Colombia.

Supporters of Proyecto Ahora are Agstar, Agrilink, Bancolombia, Corferias, EatThis, Panaca Foundation, Holland House and the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Colombia. All aspire to a more conscious and sustainable agricultural sector.

Lana T. Arthur