Agromax Organic Ltd supports the agricultural sector with organic products

With an ongoing global economic crisis and pandemic, agriculture is more important than ever to the economic growth and long-term development of Caribbean countries.

For Eugene Gabriel, this is an opportune time to capitalize on the desire for sustainability by contributing to the agricultural sector through his company Agromax Organic Ltd.

Agromax Organic Ltd, founded in 2020, is a Saint Lucia-based biotechnology fertilizer company that produces organic fertilizers. The company manufactures three main products; its flagship product Agromax, an organic fertilizer that helps plants produce fruit and flowers, Nitro Pro, which helps plants make food, and Cal-10, which helps plants absorb nutrients from the soil.

Eugene Gabriel is a farmer with over 15 years of experience in agriculture and green innovation. His enthusiasm for farming stems from generations of farmers in his family, who pushed him to recognize agriculture as an essential part of building a stable economy. His interest in the sector began in high school and lasted throughout his studies at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College and beyond in the United States, where he worked as a remote green investment officer for a American company based in New Jersey.

“The idea to launch Agromax came when I returned to Saint Lucia 2 years ago. I have always been in agriculture but my problem with the agricultural sector is the high price of agricultural inputs on the island , which is why I decided to make my own. I’ve always had a keen interest in working with chemicals. I’m fascinated by how they bond and what they’re capable of doing, but Since I decided I wanted to go in a more organic direction, I decided to try to create something that will not only benefit St. Lucians but the wider Caribbean.”

Eugene Gabriel

Eugene is on a mission to support the agriculture industry through his business and is constantly looking for ways to make life easier for the next generation of farmers. One of his latest projects is to launch a new product called Calcium Nitrate or Liquid Can.

“Liquid Can has never been introduced to Saint Lucia before. It was introduced only in the state of granules because of its stabilization, this has never been done. The introduction of Liquid Can in the market will help farmers to increase their harvests. Calcium nitrate is a widely used granular fertilizer that we haven’t had on St. Lucia for a while and that farmers are asking for. The liquid can help with many problems that farmers have encountered, be it flower rot, root rot, calcium nitrate, will help them in this aspect. »

The farmer intends to expand his business by setting up an NPK pellet manufacturing plant in Saint Lucia. He says this will help reduce the island’s fertilizer import bill, which will benefit not only Saint Lucia but the rest of the Eastern Caribbean as well.

His advice to young farmers “The agricultural sector is not for everyone. If you’re serious about farming or getting into the input business, be sure to do all your research beforehand. Even though it is a stable sector, if a farmer decides not to buy your product, it will not only be him but he will tell someone else not to buy it because he does not work. So don’t go for the money, do it for the country, not for yourself.

Agromax Organic Ltd products can be purchased from Caribseed Ltd, Renwick and Company Ltd, Grew in Dennery, Agromart in Vieux-Fort, Kell’s Supermarket in Choiseul and Dax Supermarket. Their products are also distributed in Grenada and Barbados at L&L Ltd.

Eugene can be reached at 758-723-7116 or via Instagram @agromaxorganicltd.

Lana T. Arthur