Agriculture sector faces challenges despite development

Despite the continued growth, the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries acknowledged that the agricultural sector has faced many challenges while reaping the benefits and competition in the market.

Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Veng Sakhon said water supply is not enough to meet farmers’ needs as farmers face drought. According to the Facebook page of the Ministry of Agriculture, the agricultural sector faces many challenges.

During the consultation meeting on the final draft Agriculture Development Policy 2021-2030 on January 13, Minister Sakhon said that the Royal Government has a long-term vision to modernize the agricultural sector, such as: the application of household net cultivation, the use of water-saving irrigation system, sowing rice with modern equipment with minimum labor and using agricultural drones.

The Minister added that despite the growth momentum, the agricultural sector still faces many challenges, such as: low agricultural productivity combined with the economic impact of Covid-19. There are concerns about the food security and nutrition situation in the country, as well as competition in the market for agricultural products.

“On the other hand, the transfer of modern agricultural techniques to farmers is not sufficient…in the context of modern technological change,” the minister said, “water supply for the agricultural sector is insufficient to meet to the needs of farmers, especially when farmers face drought.

Minister Sakhon also mentioned that climate change, drought hitting agricultural production, animal diseases and encroachment on forest land and flooded forest land still need to be addressed.

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Lana T. Arthur