Adam Peaty knocked out of UK dance performance, reflects on experience

Olympic champion Adam peaty was eliminated from the British dance show Come dance strictly after seven weeks of competition, Sunday evening.

Him and his professional dance partner Katya jones played a jive on “Little Bitty Pretty One” by Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers who had 27 points, the evening’s lowest score of a point. That’s a relatively consistent score for the duo who got 29 over the past two weeks, having come down in the dance match last week, where they beat another team to stay in the competition.

As usual, they incorporated a demonstration of Peaty’s athleticism into the footwork-focused dance: him hopping on a pool table. But, after the public votes were counted, Peaty and Jones were still in the bottom two and had to take part in this week’s dance against the TV presenter and chef. Tilly ramsey and his dance partner Nikita Kouzmine. They each replayed their dances.

The judges said they struggled with choosing who to eliminate, but ultimately Peaty and Jones were rejected.

“I am so grateful for the time I spent on this show, the peaks of performance in front of millions of people and the extreme challenge of learning a new routine within 3 days a week,” Peaty wrote on The Networks. social Sunday evening.

He explained the emotions that have run through swimming, fatherhood and competition in general: “I didn’t know how much this meant to me until I got a little emotional after my dance; However, I don’t think it was the dancing that pushed me to the limit, but the two years of constant challenge with myself combined with the energy of winning the Olympics and becoming a father at the same time. My emotions are one of my strongest attributes and I am not ashamed to show that I am human.

“… I thought I was fine, but I’m not. We all have to wear a piece of armor to get the job done and it wasn’t until this week that I knew I could let go. I am always healing from the trials and tribulations that elite sports athletes go through, but with that I also adapt and learn from life …

The next question is: Will Peaty take part in the International Swimming League qualifiers which start on November 13 in Eindhoven?

The answer is still unknown. He’s on London Roar’s roster, but the team’s manager Sara mcmahon told SwimSwam that “Adam is a solid option for us, but (if he joins the team this season) will depend on a few factors, including how far he goes with Strictly.”

London Roar went through the ISL regular season without Peaty, placing fourth out of eight teams making the playoffs. Peaty finished the 2020 ISL season as a strong, though not necessarily monumental, contender, ranked No.44 in the league’s MVP rankings.

He would be a huge asset for the team to counter the 50scm and 100scm breaststroke world record holder Ilya Chimanovich on Energy Standard which has just broken the record of 50 breaststrokes at the European Short Course Championships. London Roar also Kirill Prigoda, the 200scm breaststroke world record holder, leading their breaststroke team.

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