A look at KELOLAND: Dancing every day to brighten up students’ days

KENNEBEC, SD (KELO) – How a student starts their day can impact whether they have a good time at school. That’s why a KELOLAND school district staff member makes it a priority to put a smile on students’ faces every morning.

Whether it’s raining, snowing, or on a sunny, sunny morning, you’ll find Syndi Ozanne outside Lyman Elementary School with her bluetooth speaker in hand.

“I go outside and dance, it’s just the best job in the world, I can see the kids and they are all smiling and I can tell it under their masks,” said Syndi Ozanne, a paraprofessional from the Lyman school district.

Every morning, just after 8:00 a.m., she’s outside of school with a smile on her face and performing her best dance steps.

“When I started last year they were kind of like ‘I don’t want everyone to see me dance’, but when I dance they say ‘good we can dance’, but I give them the choice, some just want hugs, some want to dance and cuddle, ”said Ozanne.

Ozanne has worked in the neighborhood for about 15 years. She usually spends her day as a para for second year classes.

But it’s something more to help start every student’s day on the right foot.

“Some of them have a hard time getting into school because they’re shy or scared and that helps,” Ozanne said.

“It gives me a better day, if I come to school a little cranky it makes me happier,” said Jada Lillebo in grade 2.

“Syndi is outside and it feels good to have someone outside and make my day,” Hase Hills said. “I like to see her do that because it probably makes other children’s day too.”

René Lillebo is the principal at Lyman Elementary School. She says it can have a positive impact on everyone’s day.

“I’ve never heard her once say ‘it’s too cold outside, I’m not going out today’ or ‘it’s raining, I have to go out in the rain’, it wasn’t something that never been asked, it’s something she does because she loves it so no matter the rain, sun, snow, she’s out there and dancing and ready to make someone’s day ” , said the principal of Lyman primary school, René Lillebo.

And if Ozanne misses a day, it does not go unnoticed.

“When she’s not around you hear about her, you will ask the kids to come to the office and tell where Syndi is today, or the parents will text me and tell me they were disappointed they didn’t. not having seen her dance this morning. ” Says René Lillebo.

Lillebo says staff like Syndi set an example of dedication to students.

“These are the employees who are priceless for you, they are willing to do anything to make a child’s day and these are the people we want to keep forever,” said René Lillebo.

Make it a simple action that can go a long way.

“I think it’s really good because no matter what we have to see her dancing on the outside,” said Jada Lillebo.

“It’s the best job in the world, I can do whatever I want, it’s really not a job, I can see the kids, dance and pretend I can sing,” said Ozanne.

Ozanne even dresses on certain days. She also says she gives students options on what music they want to listen to and that they have recently chosen rock and roll.

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