A Dutch delegation and the National Agricultural Research Center talk about cooperation | Culture & Society

Ammon News – The National Agricultural Research Center (NARC) met on Sunday with a delegation from the Orange Corners Initiative on cooperation and partnership in scientific research and support for startups.

The delegation, led by Ramiro Monteiro, Advisor to the Orange Corners Program, was briefed on the experience of NARC’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incubator.

NARC Director General Nizar Haddad said the visit aims to strengthen cooperation with partners in scientific research, create infrastructure for incubators and support startups, which will create job opportunities for young people. youth.

Haddad explained to the delegation the agricultural innovation and entrepreneurship incubator, as well as the pioneering projects of the incubator and how they can be a “nucleus” of improvement and development to encourage the use of agricultural technologies. modern.

For his part, Monteiro praised the incubator’s infrastructure and its role in hosting innovators, noting that the program aims to provide technical and logistical support to entrepreneurs in the Middle East and Africa through training. .

He said the program has worked in 13 countries in the Middle East and Africa, expressing his desire for constructive and fruitful cooperation with the Center to support entrepreneurs and startups.

The delegation’s visit is part of the Orange Corners initiative supported by the Dutch Enterprise Agency which promotes cooperation in the areas of innovation, leadership and creativity.

Lana T. Arthur