5 Halloween crafts suitable for children

If you’re looking for ways to get your little monster involved in planning this year’s celebrations, here are 5 kid-friendly Halloween crafts to get you started !. 1. Sensory activity of the pumpkin. using a Sharpie, draw a face of Jack O’Lantern on a resealable plastic bag. Next, fill the clear Orbeez bag and add a few drops of red and yellow food coloring. Then take a piece of cardboard and cut out a pumpkin shape before gluing the cardboard pumpkin stencil to the plastic bag, making sure the face is centered. 2. “Wrap the Mummy” Craft. First, draw the outline of a body on a piece of cardboard, and then cut it out. Have your child wrap their mom in duct tape. Aside from creating fun seasonal artwork, they also strengthen their fine motor skills by tearing and manipulating the ribbon. 3. Crafting shimmering potions. To get started, you will need food coloring, baking glaze powder, and small glass bottles with cork stoppers. To get started, you will need food coloring, baking glaze powder, and small glass bottles with cork stoppers. Add water to a mason jar or any other container that you can shake. Then add a few drops of food coloring and stir. Sprinkle some baking glaze powder on it and shake the container until you have achieved the desired shimmer. Finally, use a funnel to pour the shimmering mixture into a glass bottle and close tightly with a cork stopper. 4. Witch beer jelly. All you need to do is mix water, cornstarch, and food coloring in a bowl until the consistency is split between liquid and solid. Pour the oozing witch slime into a black cauldron, sprinkle a few plastic spiders on top, and wait for the full moon. 5. Halloween Glitter Globes. you will need plastic snow globes, glitter, glycerin, water, and hand sanitizer. Help your little ones by super sticking a little trinket on the cap of the globe. Then let your child fill their globe with their favorite assortment of glitter. Then have them hold the globe firmly while you pour in water, a few drops of hand sanitizer, and some glycerin. Seal the globe tightly, then let your little pumpkin shake as it pleases

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