5 Halloween costumes inspired by the foodies of PetSmart for our puppies this year

Halloween is just around the corner and we’re looking to PetSmart for inspiration on what our dogs and cats should be this year. And while we recently took a look at their costume headbands which make it easier than ever to dress our puppies up, we can’t update a good old-fashioned Halloween costume.

And when we think of Halloween costumes for our puppies, it can be difficult to find a look that seems to work the best. Fortunately, we have some ideas. One of these ideas goes with our other favorite thing – food. After all, food and dogs are what make us happy.

So, for Halloween 2021, we’re looking to PetSmart for the perfect foodie-inspired dog costumes. And we’re in luck, because they have some of the cutest costumes yet.

Want your dog to look like a banana? They’ve got you covered. Decided it’s all about pineapple in 2021? It’s cool too. No matter what you think, PetSmart really seems to have us covered this year.

5 PetSmart Halloween Food Costumes


PetSmart is launching its 2021 Halloween costume collection for all of our pets.

  • Thrills & Chills Banana Dog & Cat Costume – Your puppy can channel their inner banana with this epic and adorable costume from PetSmart. And since it starts at $ 19.99, it really won’t break the bank to turn your puppy into this tasty fruit.
  • Halloween Hot Dog Thrills & Chills – Got a hot dog? Why not make him a hot dog for real? No really, with this super cute costume that focuses on the details your puppy can wear a hot dog costume that even includes that mustard stripe on top!
  • Thrills & Chills Halloween Pineapple Dog – We love a good foodie inspired costume. But what we love even more is making our puppies glow and shine. Put those two things together and we have the magic of the dog costume. And with this pineapple dog costume, we get the perfect look for our food loving hearts, as well as the sparkle we never thought our pineapples needed.
  • Halloween Thrills & Chills Ketchup & Mustard Condiments Doggy – Considering how much we love the hot dog costume, is it any surprise that we are also obsessed with the simple joy of the ketchup and mustard costume. It’s basically like turning our puppies into a walking picnic and we’re here for that.
  • Thrills & Chills Halloween Pumpkin Dog – Okay, this one might want to cheat a bit, but there is something to be said about dressing up our pumpkin puppies for Halloween. And honestly, the Mighty Pumpkin is the ultimate scary season flavor profile, whether we’re talking pumpkin spice, pumpkin pies, or just a simple pumpkin.

Honestly, we’re in love with all of these foodie inspired costumes for our dogs. But what do you think? Are you a fan of these culinary costumes? Let us know.

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