20 Rare Varieties of Date Palms at Karama Agricultural Research Station | Culture & Society

Ammon news – About 20 rare types of date palms are cultivated at the Al Karama Agricultural Research Station in the southern district of Shouneh in Al-Balqa Governorate, according to the director of the Deir Alla Agricultural Research Center, Adel Al-Abed. .

He told Petra in an interview that the resort, which covers an area of ​​120 dunums, is a key benchmark of rare date varieties as it conducts experiments on the different types, in terms of productivity, formal qualities and taste. , as well as ripening. dates and adaptability to climate change and soil salinity.

Noting the royal guidelines to develop master plans for the agricultural sector, Al-Abed stressed that future plans require the selection of good agricultural varieties and the need to multiply and generalize their cultivation.

He called for the dissemination of date palm cultivation in the Jordan Valley for its “economic feasibility”, noting that Jordan is one of the leading countries in date production, which accesses most of the world markets.

Karama Agricultural Research Station chief Bishr Al-Ayed said several varieties of date palms are grown in the station, including Majdool, Barhi, Kastawi, Heyani, Deri and Khadrawi, among others.

The head of the Jordanian Date Association, Anwar Haddad, said the Al Karama station is one of the main plantations that conserves date varieties and is considered a strategic reserve for them in the region.

The association works in partnership with the centers of the National Agricultural Research Center to solve the problems and challenges facing the Jordanian palm grove in order to boost the agricultural sector and ensure its sustainability, he said.

The Jordan Valley includes around 300,000 date palms of various types or species, with a production capacity of over 26,000 tonnes per year.

Lana T. Arthur