13 Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Halloween Costume Ideas

Whether you’re putting together your own old adventure this fall or just want a buzz-worthy photoshoot, Bennifer is arguably the sexiest couple costume to dress up like Halloween. And, luckily for us, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s long-standing love affair offered many iconic fashion moments to recreate.

From era-defining red carpet looks to coordinating street style moments, Bennifer’s couple wardrobe is an endless artillery of costume ideas. If you’re looking for modern elegance, why not channel Bennifer’s latest looks from the Met Gala or their 2.0 red carpet debut in Venice? For lovers of romantic comedy, you can dress like Ben and Jen at the jersey girl, or imitate their Gigli look first. Looking to take the more relaxed route? Dress like the duo when they go out to Lakers or Red Sox games. (Also a great look if you or your partner “like that dirty water” and call Boston home like Ben.)

Much like Jen and Ben’s endless love, there is an endless supply of Bennifer’s Halloween costume ideas for you and your beau to choose from this year. Go retro, be royal, whatever you choose you’re sure to have the party paparazzi on your tail.

Met Gala

Kevin Mazur / MG21 / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Venice red carpet

Barcroft Media / Barcroft Media / Getty Images

Of course, that wasn’t Bennifer’s red carpet debut, but it is was their first red carpet appearance as Bennifer 2.0. Whether you’re making your own debut with an old flame rekindled or heading to your first couple’s Halloween party, this look will make it clear that you’re here to make waves. For Ben, add style to your classic tuxedo with a black bow tie. For Jennifer, find a white dress with a plunging neckline. If you can’t find a jeweled neckline, wear a long silver necklace and complement it with a silver clutch. Strike a pose and let the cameras flash.

Boston Red Sox Game

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Style on set

Ben-Ari Finegold / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Gigli First

Frank Trapper / Corbis Entertainment / Getty Images

Of course the movie Gigli he himself gave us virtually nothing, but his production gave us Bennifer. So for that reason alone, could this be the greatest movie of all time? If you and your beau are a match made in 2000s romantic comedy heaven, then this look is perfect. For Ben, wear a navy blue suit with a light blue button placket and tie. For J-Lo, wear a brown strappy dress and silver earrings.

jersey girl

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Lakers Courtside

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2003 Street Style

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Venice water taxi outfit

Stéphane Cardinale – Corbis / Corbis Entertainment / Getty Images

Every couple deserves their day in the sun. And, while you and your partner might not be enjoying the Italian sun, you can still shine with this stylish look from Bennifer’s recent trip to Venice. Play business casual with Ben wearing a navy suit and a white shirt without a tie. Don’t forget the sunglasses. For Jennifer, wear a black and white striped dress with a black leather handbag and a slicked back ponytail. Get on your water taxi or Uber and head out into town.

Getaway to Vancouver

Jeff Vinnick / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

daredevil First

Frank Trapper / Corbis Entertainment / Getty Images

Dare to be old-fashioned with this classic look from the early 2000s. While it’s unlikely you could get your hands on J-Lo’s Pucci dress from Daredevil’s 2003 premiere, you can recreate her look by finding a black long dress with a graphic top or by adding your own fabric to the top. For Ben, stick to a simple black suit with a white tie.

Made in Manhattan First

Jim Spellman / WireImage / Getty Images

Oscars 2003

Patrick McMullan / Patrick McMullan / Getty Images

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