10 things in Resident Evil Remake that most gamers never find out

The remake of the original resident Evil Thu, First released on Gamecube in 2002 and again on multiple platforms in 2015, is considered one of the greatest survival horror games ever made, and possibly the last resident Evil live. Famous for its oppressive atmosphere, tough survival mechanics, and memorable scares, there’s a lot to love about Remake.

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At the same time, players who want to dig a little deeper into this survival horror classic will find a veritable treasure trove of hidden content, Easter eggs, and unlockables to discover. Some of these secrets will only reveal themselves to the most skilled players, requiring a skillful eye for exploration or a lightning pace in the game, but they’re there for those who dare to seek it out.

ten Many alternate endings

Scene from Resident Evil with an alternate ending

Although the resident Evil the experience will always end with his iconic boss fight Tyrant (made even more fun with rocket launchers), some of the nuances of the story itself may change due to player actions. The most important of these choices often concerns the fate of certain characters.

With the choice between Jill and Chris, there is a surprisingly wide range of possible outcomes in each story. Will Rebecca survive the ordeal alive? And Barry? Is Jill ever going to find Chris and get him out of the mansion? Everything is in the hands of the player, and he will have to make difficult choices along the way to achieve certain results.

9 Alternative costumes

Although the 2015 reissue of resident Evilthe remake of (reRETo manufacture? re-RE-remake?) includes bonus costumes for Chris and Jill for free, there are still bonus outfits that the player can unlock if they complete the game a certain number of times with each character.

Chris and Jill each have two bonus costumes (plus one for Rebecca) which can be unlocked by beating the game, then beating the game again with the same character in the same save slot. This means that the player will have to beat the game a total of four times to unlock all the costumes, but these are not the only rewards for players who want more of the resident Evil live.

8 A dangerous zombie

A dangerous zombie in the Resident Evil remake

Forest Speyer was a member of STARS sent to investigate the Spencer Mansion which met its end when it was pecked to death by zombie crows. In a normal game, the Zombified Forest is sent by other STARS members during its revival. After beating the game with both characters, however, the player will notice something different.

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Once two games are completed, “One Dangerous Zombie” mode is activated and cannot be deactivated. This mode is totally identical to a regular race, except that now Forest zombie will chase the player around the mansion with a dangerous amount of explosives attached to it. Shooting Forest is not an option, as it will explode and take the whole mansion with it, making the game even more tense.

7 Unlimited Grenade Glitch

Grenade glitch in the Resident Evil remake

Although this element of the game was fixed during the re-release of resident Evil, the original Gamecube version of the game featured an issue where the player could infinitely multiply the ammo for Jill’s grenade launcher using very specific manipulation of the item box.

If the player wants to, moving items in a particular order can give Jill virtually endless grenade launcher ammo. This, of course, completely breaks the game’s balance and is no longer available in newer versions of resident Evil. Still, those who have kept their old copies of the game might want to take a look at this issue, as more grenades can certainly help in a pinch.

6 Tofu?

Tofu in Resident Evil remake

Tofu is a secret character in many resident Evil games, and as the name suggests, he’s just a giant block of tofu that keeps popping up in life and death zombie outbreaks. Tofu is usually tasked with escaping from a spooky mansion given as some sort of bonus challenge mode, but it is nowhere to be found in resident Evilremake.

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Or is it the case? Fans with sharp memories will recall that the Lab’s computer puzzle password was “Mole”. Trying to enter this password to bypass the same puzzle in the remake won’t work, but it will trigger a familiar scream from a certain soy character.

5 Samurai edge

Samurai Edge in Resident Evil remake

the resident Evil remake, like many games in the franchise, rewards the player to complete the game in a timely manner with unlockables. These unlockable weapons are typically powered weapons that outperform those available in a normal game, allowing a seasoned player to make their way through subsequent races without worrying about the world.

One such weapon is the formidable “Samurai Edge”, a handgun recurring under various owners in RE, which can be unlocked after completing the game in less than five hours. The weapon has infinite ammo and can fire three rounds in quick succession – far faster than the rate of fire of other handguns in the game.

4 Invisible enemies

Resident Evil invisible enemies

Invisible Enemies is relatively self-explanatory, but that doesn’t make it any less terrifying. When the game says “invisible” it means completely invisible, and when the game says “enemies” it literally means all enemies in the game.

Players who dare to submit to this challenge will have to complete the game with Chris and Jill on any difficulty, or complete the “Real Survival” challenge mode. Surviving unseen enemies will require frontal knowledge of where each zombie or hunter in the mansion is located and is therefore passable only to more advanced players.

3 AT rocket launcher

Resident evil remake with AT Rocket Launcher.

The ultimate weapon to unlock resident Evil is the anti-tank rocket launcher. Dragging a rocket launcher is a great way to make any zombie infested mansion less scary, but the deal gets even sweeter as this weapon comes with the gift of unlimited ammo.

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While it’s heavy and takes time to pull off a successful shot, separating out zombies with no ulterior motives is a uplifting feeling and something players won’t want to miss. However, it won’t be easy to unlock, as this weapon is only available to those who can complete the game in under three hours.

2 Real survival mode

A real survival in the remake of Resident Evil.

After completing resident EvilThe version of New Game Plus (ominously called “Once Again …”), the player will unlock an improved difficulty mode called “Real Survival”. Real Survival is one of the toughest challenges in the game, although it might not be the hardest, and is meant only for advanced players.

Besides turning off auto-aim and locking the hard play, one of the cruelest parts of Real Survival is the fact that the item boxes are no longer tied together, which means the player will have to do even more attention to the objects he wants. to bring with them when venturing into the mansion.

1 A special message from Mikami

Players who manage to complete the “Invisible Enemy” secret mode, which is itself unlocked after beating the game with both characters, will be delighted to find a specialized message from the creator of resident Evil himself: Shinji Mikami. The rating is mainly there to congratulate the player for beating the hardest mode in the game and to thank them for playing. resident Evil.

It’s always nice to see a personal touch from the developers appear in a game like this, and it’s especially meaningful when it’s a reward for completing what is perhaps the most arduous challenge in the game.

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