10 best fall costumes and how to get them

With four seasons to its name since its launch in August 2020, many fall guys players settled on looks for their grain that are unique to them. As per the course in multiplayer games, fall guys offers hundreds of in-game costumes and as many colors and patterns to go with them. It is not difficult to stand out among the crowd.

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Players can get their idea of ​​what costume they want to dress their beans in, but finding the costumes isn’t always the easiest task. For some it just requires a lot of playing the game, but others require a lot of patience and a lot of crowns.

ten Sparkle-Whal – A prettier narwhal

Fall Guys Sparkle-Whal

Added in Season 3, the Sparkle-Whal is an epic variation of the Rare Narwhal skin. Everyone’s favorite eccentric animal, the narwhal features adorable derpy eyes on either side of the costume, along with the iconic massive horn protruding from the front.

The Sparkle-Whal variant gives players a brighter layer on the costume, as well as an adorable pink and white color scheme. Players looking to get this costume will need to check the store daily to pick it up when it spawns. They will also need 14,000 kudos in their pocket to get the two halves of the costume.

9 Candle – Never goes out

Autumn candle

While not the most visually striking of the costumes, the candle design has an understated sparkle. Added in Season 3, the tall, cylindrical shape of this costume makes it stand out from the pack. The little flame on the top is also lovely.

The gold base is also a bit rare, as few costumes use this color outside of the crown rank rewards. As a common costume, this one isn’t too hard to find. Once it appears on the store, players will only need 4000 kudos to purchase both parts of the set.

8 Virtual Gato Roboto – Back in Black

All along Fall guys Lifecycle So far, Devolver Digital publishers have seen the game’s success as a great opportunity to push some of their other games through costumes. One of the first of these was the Gato Roboto costume in Season 1, designed to promote Gato Roboto.

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Many of these costumes have proven to be very popular. During Season 4, they decided to come up with alternate variations, this one being a black version of Gato Roboto’s original costume. For this one, players will have to spend $ 4.99 of real money on the Devolver Redux costume pack.

7 Wrapped – Wrap yourself warm for the winter

Fall guys wrapped up

Naturally, the winter theme of Season 3 came with Christmas-themed costumes. While things like a Santa costume may not be appropriate outside of the holiday season, some of them look great all year round.

Step into the Wrapped Up costume, which sees a player’s bean wrapped in a multitude of colorful streamers. As an epic costume, this one will rarely appear in the store. Players will need to check in daily and make sure they have 14,000 kudos ready for his spawn.

6 Shovel Knight – Unearthing Crowns

Fall Guys Shovel Knight

Released in 2014, Knight Shovel is a modern retro platformer that is widely regarded as one of the best and most innovative of its genre. Along with the cool gameplay came the costume of the Shovel Knight himself, which has become something of an iconic design in the indie game scene.

With the costume already in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, it was no surprise when it was announced that he would arrive at fall guys during Season 4. This costume rotates in the Featured Store, which only resets every 72 hours, so players may have to wait a bit to see this costume. However, this will just give them the time they need to get the 10 crowns they need to buy it.

5 Olivier – 24 years old

Fall guys Oliver

Many would say that one of the biggest contributors to Fall guys success is the prominence and popularity of their promotion on social media. The content of the official meme fall guys The Twitter account has received praise for its heaps of fun content, and it has undoubtedly done wonders in promoting the game.

The person behind this campaign is Community Director Oliver, who himself developed a few games before taking on this role. During Season 2, the developers decided to pay tribute to him by putting him in the game as a costume. In the usual item pool, players should watch this one and have 9,000 kudos in the bank for purchasing it.

4 Sonic The Hedgehog – Don’t Go Fast

fall sonic guys

One of the most surprising crossover costumes to appear in fall guys was the Sonic The Hedgehog costume, made available during Season 2 to celebrate SEGA’s 60th anniversary. While this version of Sonic is shorter and stronger than the real deal, there’s no mistaking the character.

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One of the more difficult costumes to obtain, the Sonic costume only appeared in the Featured Item Slot for a while. However, it was recently added to the standard object pool. Players who consult it every day may be pleasantly surprised; they just need to make sure they saved 10 crowns to get it.

3 Red Panda – The best kind of panda

Fall Guy Red Panda

One of the most adorable costumes, the Red Panda was added by huge demand from the community with the addition of the Koala costume. This costume is sure to see players receiving lots of hugs from other beans with each mini-game.

Released in Season 3 for Valentine’s Day 2021, the Red Panda is one of the cheapest costumes in the game. Although it is a legendary costume, it will not cost players. players than 2000 congratulations on getting the full set. Just wait for it to appear in the featured store.

2 Among us – teammate or impostor?

Fall guys among us

Among us and fall guys have seen a lot of comparison in their day. Their gameplay is entirely different; However, with the bean look of their two characters and the fact that they became popular at the same time, the games seem eternally linked to each other.

the fall guys the developers graced this connection during Season 4, with the Among Us costume available in the game. Interestingly, this is one of the only costumes to have a variation that cannot be controlled by the player. Sometimes he will appear in a game with a visor and cracked teeth to signify an impostor. However, it may be a limited costume, as players can only get it by reaching level 26 in Season 4.

1 Golden Knight – The Ultimate Prize

The knight costume has several variations of fall guys, and all of them require different obstacles to be obtained. Regular variation requires purchase of Dragon hunter Downloadable Content Pack. Meanwhile, the Dark Knight variant was distributed to selected members of the fall guys Discord server on the occasion of his birthday.

The Golden Knight, however, is the symbol of true mastery of the game. The costume is the reward for reaching the 50th and final rank in the Crown Rank system, which players can only achieve by winning crowns. In total, achieving this rank requires earning 3,039 crowns. It’s no small feat, and at the start of 2021 only two players are known to have obtained it.

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