10 best alternate costumes in Street Fighter 5

The Street Fighter 5 wardrobe has grown dramatically over the past 5 years, and we’ve spent some time in the game’s huge closet finding the top 10 costumes of all.

We covered this top 10 (and added a handful of honorable mentions) in the most recent episode of the EventHubs podcast, and have the segment where we go through them and our reasoning as to why they are so good in the pending video below. below.

To get a feel for the overall rubric and what scored points for these outfits, the overall visual appeal as well as thematic consistency with the individual characters were the two main factors in play.

We’re definitely softies for smart connections here, and so even less-seen costumes that work particularly well with the wearer were up for grabs.

Give the EH Podcast segment a view below, then respond to comments (here, on YouTube, or both) to tell us why you agree with these objectively accurate choices or why you mistakenly think another alternative costume deserves to be in the top 10.

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