10 advanced superhero costumes that could be built in real life

The comics strive to expand reality and turn the characters into something beyond what we consider plausible. This is fiction, and of course there is a plethora of characters, inventions, or events that take place in such scenarios that undoubtedly could never take place in our world.

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However, some characters are brought down to a more “humanized” level to make them more believable, as well as some of their costumes. The technology, design, and overall image of some characters might not be as amazing as you might think. So here are ten superhero costumes that could be made today; or in a few years.

ten Iron-Man armor is researched

The Iron Man costume is one of the most iconic in comics and is known to be high tech. Several soldiers are working on an exosuit technology capable of increasing the strength and endurance of a soldier. However, these suits won’t fly like Tony Stark’s, but there is one that can, and it’s a suit called The Daedalus Jet Engine Suit, built by Richard Browning.

Now, an Iron Man costume identical to the one in the comics may still be a bit far away, but several versions of similar ones are currently in the works.

9 Batman’s Batsuit is under construction

The Batman costume may not seem like something particularly high-tech, but the many fibers and materials used to transform it into a bulletproof and breathable outfit are the complexity of this costume. Then there are several gadgets the hero uses, from simple batarangs to more complex tools like a grappling hook or portable hacking devices.

Much like the Iron Man costume, an Australian company has started to build a costume that is eerily similar to Batman. Called Lorica Mark 2, it is made up of several carbon fiber composites and polymers, in addition to several nifty gadgets such as force measurement sensors.

8 Stilt-Man’s armor is stupid but possible

How useful would Stilt-Man’s armor be in real life? Well, it might not be the most versatile, but it would still be nice if someone built it. We see people walking on wooden stilts, so why not metal? To be fair, Stilt-Man’s armor could be built relatively easily with metal stilts and a few armor plates, or a company could develop some sort of antenna-like retractable stilts.

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On a quick search it seems like no one is building it, and can you fault them? This costume is an eyesore most of the time in the comics, and it would only be worse in the real world.

7 Steel armor is quite possible

Remember that exosuit technology mentioned in the Iron Man entry? Well, take one, cover the soldier with armor, and give him a giant mace. Now you have a huge human tank that can shoot anyone, as well as a superhero costume.

Of course, the soldier could be given a cloak as well, but in any case, the steel costume is pretty straightforward compared to other hero costumes and wouldn’t require a lot of help from the creative mind. it was made in real life. Unfortunately, the military in this world have yet to flesh out their exo-costume designs.

6 Adam Strange’s spacesuit is already available

Quickly open a new tab and search for “Space X spacesuits” from the recent rocket launch not so long ago. The suits alone share some resemblance to the spacesuit worn by Adam Strange, simply missing the jetpack and ray gun. When it comes to this suit, of course, building a jetpack is still not as reliable as people would like, but when you look at the suit from an astronaut’s point of view, NASA is pretty much already there. .

Instead of the jetpack, slap a few massive thrusters on the back of an astronaut. Then give the astronaut a pistol to complete the suit (as the ray pistols are still in progress).

5 The human-machine body could come sooner rather than later

Everyone has seen the robotic dog capable of walking, right? Well imagine that, but in human form. Of course, we’re still a bit far from being able to build a human robot that can walk and talk, but robot companies are close. Everyone has seen the artificial intelligence videos developed in recent years, and they convey a great deal of humanity while conversing.

Either way, a robotic human walking with a flamethrower on one arm and a chainsaw on the other isn’t too much of a stretch compared to the achievements of the robotics industry over the past decade.

4 Diehard’s armor might not be built for a long time

Ok, this entry is kind of for fun because building a cyborg would be awesome. Of course, there are other characters like Cyborg from the Teen Titans or Deathlok from Marvel, but having independent characters makes the article interesting. The ideal cyborg made of both metal and flesh is rather unrealistic at the moment, but companies have been experimenting with robotic appendages for patients with missing limbs.

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So, this suit is in the same boat as Machine-Man, which means that Diehard’s armor and cyborg abilities are almost subject to the advancement of our technology. But, just like Machine Man, it may be some time before cyborgs like Diehard walk the battlefield.

3 Rocketeer’s Jetpack is a simple design

The Rocketeer’s Jetpack is just a simpler version of the Adam Strange costume, losing space abilities and replacing them with a more simplistic style. Of course, it might not be as complex as Adam’s, but it does mean it could be done even easier. For the Rocketeer, this suit needs the jetpack along with a helmet and handgun.

It is not a particularly complex combination compared to the others, but it just means that it can be built more easily while using some of our more advanced technologies.

2 Darkhawk’s wings are not unrealistic

We have wingsuits, but to build a suit similar to Darkhawk, or maybe even Falcon, you would almost certainly have to have a jetpack on your back. Or, maybe a thruster would suffice, but another complication with this combination would be the size of the wings, ensuring safe control and guidance for the user.

Fortunately, building the wings might not be that complex as they don’t need to create thrust, as the suit’s primary use would either be similar to current suits or more used to transform a soldier into a sort of scout drone.

1 Ted Kord Military Scarab Costume

Okay, that might be a Batman entry scam, but Ted Kord’s Blue Beetle costume is another entry on this list that wouldn’t be too hard to build. Much like the suit currently in the works, the suit would more than likely be made up of multiple carbon fibers and polymeric materials.

The goggles and utility belt are all about inserting what a fictional soldier or hero would need for a particular situation. Then there’s Kord’s signature BB gun, which is essentially a flashlight on steroids, capable of temporarily blinding those exposed to it.

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