The grand finale of the Romaeuropa Festival

Sunday 25 November, the Romaeuropa Festival ended with a great final day at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome ; from the Santa Cecilia hall to Petrassi , passing through the Sinopoli and the Borgna Studio Theater .

To greet the end of this thirty-third edition , in five hours, the witness has passed five concerts (between genders and contaminations) and this year as never before “Between words” .

The obvious desire for mediation and reconciliation of opposites was the flagship of Sunday, a day in which there were also reflections and insights.

Protagonists of the evening: Angélique Kidjo in her only Italian date, Matthew Herbert for the first time in Italy with her Brexit Big Band , the Japanese visual artist Ryoji Ikeda in a double date and the contemporary musician Franco D’Andrea .




To retrace the musical marathon on Sunday, the opening at 16 was entrusted to Ryoji Ikeda , one of the leading exponents of contemporary computer music and pioneer of abstract music , which has earned a double performance , returning on stage at 18.

The first of the two proposals, Music for percussion , in the national premiere, is a composition that, together with the group of percussionists Eklekto Ensemble , returns digital sounds, in analog format . The second meeting of the lineup was Datamatics , not a simple electronic concert, but a sensory journey in which analog data are translated into the digital code.


Franco D 


Considered one of the most important musicians of the contemporary scene, Franco D’Andrea Octet follows Japan with his Intervals I and Intervals II presented on stage at the Teatro Studio Gianni Borgna.

Intervals I – II are the two episodes of the project , carried out by the composer and jazz pianist of Merano, focusing on the combination of intervals from which unexpected improvisations arise.

The witness is then passed to Angélique Kidjo who took the opportunity to present his new album Remain in Light for the first time to an Italian audience: the Talking Heads album contaminated by African polyrhythmy, funk and electronic music .

The new work celebrates the genius of Brain Eno contaminating it with the euphoric singing of Angélique, to give light to a real tribute to one of the greatest bands in the history of music.

All through the gaze of one of the most cosmopolitan artists of all time.


Angélique Kidjo vincitrice di tre Grammy award musica internazionale 


The commemorative closing is entrusted to the concert of Matthew Herbert’s Brexit Big Band : more than fifty artists, including musicians, singers, singers and soloists from different countries meet on stage and form one big ban d to celebrate the union between the peoples , artists and sounds of Europe and the world .

A farewell party began with the announcement of the exit of Great Britain from the European Union, which is going through the whole old continent.

In an increasingly fractured and divided political climate, in which tolerance and creativity are in danger, we feel the urgency to affirm the desire for dialogue of a part of the musical community of Great Britain, with our closest friends but who soon they will be less accessible.

Miriam Bendìa

Between one trip and another, he lives in Rome.
He wrote a handful of books.
Like Philippe Daverio, he argues that life with art sometimes improves the art of life.
He dreams a lot, at night. And he learned, upon awakening, to trust his own dream visions.
When he grows up – he says – he dreams of becoming a writer.