News from the world of loans

It has been almost a month since the new rules governing real estate loans became effective. On June 16, the new Real Estate Credit Contract Law entered into force and mortgages have already begun to change.

Fast credits online


Its growth is unstoppable, the current pace of life means a great incentive for these products. The innumerable expenses and surprises that our pocket gives every day are the wick that ignites the reputation of fast online credits. In consequence,

The dilemma of the new home: new, used or refurbished?

The question that arises in this article – what is more convenient, buying a new or a second-hand home? -, the real estate market answers it on its own and with figures: March 2019; according to the INE, 42,649 homes purchased – 6.8% more than in 20

Halfway between fixed and variable: the mixed mortgage

Mixed mortgages are loans that finance the purchase of a home, exactly what we know by a classic mortgage, and whose interest rates are both fixed and variable. Specifically, the fixed rate is present between the first 5 and 10 years,

Credit cards as an alternative to fast online credits


The same thing that happens at the dentist, can happen with a mortgage fee, the university receipt or an anniversary gift. They are, what we call, economic emergencies. And to solve them, the traditional bank loan is unfeasible because of its slowness in …

If this is the first time you have the mind to apply for an online credit

There are few, precisely, those who end up applying for an online loan after being rushed in their personal economy. The process usually repeats the phases, from the appearance of an unforeseen expense – such as a power bill, a workshop bill or an additional sanction …