Fabric markets: outdoor event

Since 2004, you are now in Germany and you are no longer indispensable, fabric markets are becoming increasingly popular among all creatives across the country.

The experience fabric market

The fabric markets were brought to life by Dutch market traders. Thousands of customers and countless retailers expect a special atmosphere there. A hustle and bustle with haggle and many nice conversations are only a small part of this experience.

Fabric dealer on tour

While cloth retailers set off in the middle of the night to present their customers with a beautifully decorated market in the morning with the latest trendy fabrics and haberdashery, market visitors can take it easy. A hearty breakfast, delicious coffee, usually only a short drive and get into the fray. In every weather, thousands of visitors arrive at the fabric markets, who move all over the country.

Buying fabrics at the fabric market – an experience

Many of you probably know it from normal shopping, you write a grocery list and you really want to stick to it. The reality, however, usually looks different. The bags are full, the purse is mostly empty. No matter, fabric markets are a real adventure for those who like fabrics and can fall in love with the fabrics.

Preferably without intentions on the fabric market

No matter if you do not intend to buy so much, hardly anyone can but withhold the sight of the beautiful fabrics and low prices. There is something new to discover at each stand, with people standing in two rows in front of the stands, looking for the ultimate bargain.

The selection on the fabric markets

The choice is huge, whether jersey fabrics, softshell, scraps and much more. Usually it does not take long until the first bags are well filled, if you’re “lucky” the man is in to play with them (but honestly, the women do not want your men to see the women’s purchases) otherwise you have to ” Bring “prey” quickly to the car, so you can easily browse and shop.

Pay cashless on the fabric market

In the meantime, many retailers even offer to pay on the market by debit card, which is certainly seductive on the one hand and you do not have to worry about its cash.

The best time at the fabric market

In the main time between 10-14 clock it is the markets in the fullest, who does not like it quite so full, should try in the time from 15:30 clock his luck, then the stalls are not quite as full and you can look at the assortment in peace. However, then the best bargains are certainly already out of print.

Fabrics Werning at the fabric market in Soest

On Sunday the 30th of April we participate in the fabric market in Soest, we are with 3 sellers on site and will experience the special flair of the market with you. The fabric market in Soest is one of the most beautiful, because it snakes up from the market square down to Brüderstraße. We look forward to a chat with you and of course hope that you find the right fabrics and haberdashery for us.