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Sew on evening dresses yourself

If you can sew something, it is very interesting to dare to wear an evening gown. There are many occasions where you wear evening dresses, such as weddings or the graduation ceremony.

Fabrics can be found here: Fabrics for evening wear

Benefits of sewing

The advantage of sewing yourself is that you do not have to look far for something suitable. In addition, you become creative yourself and can be the more proud of the stitching afterwards. You can also be sure that no one else appears in the same dress. This may be uncomfortable. If you do not have standard measurements, a lot of changes will be necessary when the clothes are ready. These services are expensive and difficult to carry out. It may be easier to sew a dress than to change one. If you find a cheap fabric, it can also be much cheaper to sew an evening dress yourself. You can adjust the fit yourself, for example, if you need the size 40 bust and only have size 36 around the hips. This is no problem with the finished cuts, you then take the cuts in the desired size and connects accordingly.

Suitable fabrics

Matching fabrics for evening dresses can be found in the shop, here you can also get advice. You can buy there all the ingredients like zippers, sewing thread, buttons and everything you need for decoration directly together with cut and fabric. Also on the Internet you will find a rich selection of fabrics in all price ranges. For evening dresses are special festive fabrics such as shiny satin , or delicate voile, these fabrics are also already embroidered or decorated with beads and sequins. In principle, very many fabrics are suitable for an evening dress. The finest are fabrics made of pure silk, but artificial silk looks just as festive and is much cheaper. If you make a dress made of soft voile, you also have to sew a corresponding slip, so that everything is opaque. The underdress can be made of light feed taffeta, this gives the dress a particularly beautiful case. In some places, like neckline or arms, you can leave the dress unlined so that the skin shines through.

Pattern for evening dresses

First, you need to sew the evening dresses a pattern. Here you have the choice between the comfortable finished cuts and patterns from a fashion magazine. In the final cut, the cut is printed on a large sheet of tissue paper and only needs to be cut out. The cuts from fashion magazines are much cheaper, because the cut sheet contains many models here. The desired model must be traced and then transferred to a sheet of tissue paper and cut out, so two more operations. If you do not find a suitable cut for evening dresses, it is also possible to take a normal dress cut and extend the skirt accordingly. As a rule, this is easily possible. But normally you will find enough beautiful patterns to match your own ideas. When choosing the fabric you should keep to the instructions on average, because usually the cuts are designed for a specific type of fabric. For example, if you were to sew a cut for a jersey dress with a normal fabric, the dress will not fit and even tear when worn because the fabric is not stretchy.

How to sew an evening dress

An evening gown is sewn in principle like any other dress, usually only in long. It is therefore not difficult, even if the cut parts are longer. So you spread the fabric on a large table or the floor and put the cut on it. This should be done exactly as indicated in the cut edition plan of the cut, otherwise it may not be enough for the fabric afterwards. Then you pin the cut with pins and trace the outline with tailor’s chalk. Finally, cut the fabric with the appropriate seam allowance. Now remove the cut and stitch the seams or plug them together with pins and try them on. If everything fits you can start sewing. Strongly fraying substances must be serged. So cut it with the zigzag scissors or nibble all edges with the zigzag stitch of the sewing machine. Then sew all the seams and try on the dress. Pin off the hem and sew on with an invisible hem stitch at the end.



Realize your own ideas

The beauty of sewing yourself is the realization of your own ideas. This starts with the choice of the cut and the fabric with the preferred color. After sewing, you can decorate even more with evening dresses, so embroider the fabric and equip it with lace or beads and sequins. There are no limits to the imagination and you can still learn a lot of skills. Very practical for tailoring and own designing is a tailoring bust. At her you can easily infect the fabric pieces and convert them to their own ideas. This is much more comfortable than having to try on the dress all the time. It is also almost impossible to stake the substance on yourself. So you do not necessarily slavishly stick to the pattern.

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